More than 900 specialists including gastroenterologists, hepatologists, oncologists and general practitioners were registered at the Forum.

Solagran Son took part in the work of the exhibition held at the Forum and in its scientific program.

The 13th International Baltic Scientific Medical Forum “Saint-Petersburg – Gastro2011” took place in the hotel Holiday Inn “Moscow Triumphal Gate” 18-20 May 2011.  

Almost 2000 specialists of more than 80 home and foreign companies from all regions of Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, and the other countries of CIS, Baltic states and East Europe participated in the work of the Forum.

At the Forum Professor O. Minushkin made a report “The Use of Polyprenols: Ropren in the Treatment of Patients with Alcoholic Cirrhosis” 
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Dear colleague!
The company «Solagran Son» presents you
an interactive research system

The system was specially designed for general practitioners, oriented on evidence-based medicine.
«Dotor Ropren» is an electronic resource in worldwide web that enables each authorized user to keep information cards of patients, therefore consolidating the experience of clinical use of Ropren®. 

The objective is to evaluate the evidence of use of the new hepatoprotector Ropren® and to apply the research findings in clinical practice of the world medical community.    
Taking part in the program you:
• Make your own professional contribution into the development of new trends of modern pharmaceutics and medicine.
• Help to introduce the results of your clinical experience in the practice of your colleagues.
• Realize your scientific potential (the system is an element of information support of clinical trials of Ropren®).
• Improve the quality (effectiveness and safety) of patients’ treatment.
Becoming a member of the program, you gain an opportunity of information and economical support when publishing your own scientific matter and participating in scientific events of All-Russian and international importance.
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